Asphalt Xtreme – Another expansion to the Asphalt Franchise

Need a token generator and credits for Asphalt Xtreme? So keep reading! Welcome to the best website to have free resources Asphalt Xtreme. In just one month, this game is already a rage among the followers of the Asphalt series. Indeed, it will have been only a month to attract more than 176,000 players! Many of them are looking for a trick to have unlimited chips and credits. We have observed this growing phenomenon. Our team has therefore embarked on the unique design of a token and credit generator.

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Gameloft’s Asphalt gaming series has been around for more than a decade. They have always been pleasant to play, even very revolutionary. This trend continues with Asphalt Xtreme. Taking things off-road seems like an exciting adventure. But in reality, it really is not so xtreme. Despite everything, it remains a fun game for those who love thrills. For those who have not yet downloaded it. Just click the button according to your operating system.

Immersed in a series of races and seasons, you will visit countries all over the world. Each event becomes more difficult than the previous one. The races consist of 8 drivers. Directional controls are simple. Simply tilt your smartphone right or left to control your vehicle. The more pronounced the inclination, the more likely you are to drift. Sometimes you feel like driving a long boat like the Titanic. However, the sensations are guaranteed. The downside is that you can look a bit silly if you decide to play in public.

Most of the time, the race is played on the last meters. It is then easy enough to steal a win on the car that is in pole position and vice versa but is you visit, you will have higher chance of winning all your races. This means that sometimes Asphalt Xtreme will look easy enough. At other times, it may be the opposite. In summary, you have to stay focused all the way through the races as they are quite short.

Each track is then full of nooks and crannies. Being off road means a lot of canyons to dodge, rocks to avoid, and ramps to fly away. Depending on the type of vehicle, you can even get through some obstacles. However, do not expect this to happen every time.
Besides steering, you can also activate your brakes by tapping on the left side of the screen, while the right side is dedicated to our. The Nitro can be used in a more original way than in most games. You can combine it to activate a particularly effective set of boosters. You can of course use nitro individually. Knowing how to trigger it at the right time is one of the keys to victory.

In the end, your superiority will mostly depend on the actual money you spend. Apart from races, you can also improve the various components of your vehicle. For that you will have to spend chips that you win during your victories. The tokens and credits on Asphalt Xtreme can also be bought with real money. Similarly, an oil change system is shown in the form of an energy bar. Again this is possible by spending asphalt Xtreme credits.

TownShip – An Old Game Still Many Still Love To Play

Hi everybody ! Welcome to this new Township game page. Released in 2013 on our screens and published by Playrix Games, Township is a management and construction game running on the same principle of Hay Day with the difference that the goal of it is to develop your city.

You will need to improve the economic conditions by first taking control of a farm by growing agricultural products as well as that of the factories that will contribute to the processing of these products. Obviously the most important remains to harvest the money you have invested in previous stages by selling these products and injecting profits into other infrastructure in your city.

Depending on the number of consecutive days you accumulate, you are offered a certain amount of gold coins. A kind of thank you for your loyalty in short! In addition, you have another currency: the tickets! Very useful to give a boost to your plants and their production but also few and therefore easily exhaustible!

Like most online games, Township works like any other premium game. In other words, the download of the application on which the game is housed is totally limitless. In return, if you want to “play” or at least enjoy normal gaming comfort, you will be obliged to have recourse to your credit card to buy the resources necessary for the progress of your party to know : Gold coins and greenbacks!
To do this, the Fapijeux team has set up a gold coin and ticket generator that will credit your Township account with gold coins and banknotes in very satisfactory quantities! The utility of the generator was conceived as a system allowing to bypass the marketing techniques imposed by the premium. It is in this idea of ​​democratization that we decided to design an online tool but especially accessible to all, whether you are a burne in computing or not. However, and we are well aware of this, the novices of Fapijeux are rather skeptical about the use of the generator fearing possible banishment from the editors of the game.

You are quite right to express doubts, we will never blame you for your prudence! On the other hand, and for information, the generator that you will find on this page has been designed by specialists of our team, so they have been tested and approved by all the members of the team. The generator is a flawless tool, which is directly hosted via our servers which means that there is no risk of being condemned by the creators of Township.

More specifically, the township cheats generator will apply to the system of the game in the manner of a transparent filter in such a way that it is strictly untraceable. Moreover, each generator is specific to its game and we regularly update our operating tests to ensure that no problem resides there. Likewise, we take all your suggestions to improve the tool so even if you do not have anything does not prevent you from slipping a little comment while base of the article, it pleases us!

As I said earlier, the generator is probably the simplest thing you’ll use in your entire life … there’s a good chance your grandmother will use it! This is to tell you … During the reading of this article, you will see a button “Access the generator”. Step one, click on it and find that a new tab opens.

On this page you will see the generator but before generating anything, small practical case: enter in the appropriate box the e-mail address you used – or pseudonym – when creating your account on Township (The e-mail address is logically that of your account google play store or app store if you are on an apple product)

Then you will be able to enter the amount of gold coins and tickets to be transferred to your Township account. By clicking on “Generate” you organize yourself the transfer of these resources. All you have to do is wait a few minutes and then go back to your application to see that you are engaged for a long and good part on Township! So it’s easy no ?!

Whether on a tablet or a smartphone, Township is wherever you are! Gambling is a strategic mix of construction and management where you want to lead the reindeer of an agricultural town by managing the cultivation of your food products on the ground until its production and resale.

As if you were running a real business, it is a matter of reinvesting your profits in other structures in the city (cinemas, cafes, etc.) in order to make it more attractive and important! Township measure enfet the real entrepreneur that lies in you. At Fapijeux, we especially like being able to build many things.

With Township, there is precisely a rich choice of infrastructure to build that pushes the player to make, obviously, very strategic choices. Is it better to build a cinema or increase my production capacity? It all depends on your goal. It is true that with the new tool you have concocted, difficult to make a choice, but at least you are quiet and can enjoy gameplay in total comfort!

The game is available on:

  • Apple product: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch …
  • Android Product: Sony, Samsung, Wiko, LG, Nexus and all other brands using
  • android, as well as various tablets.
  • Facebook Game.

Are You Ready for Romance This Valentines in Sims Freeplay

This game has been around for almost 5 years and yet players continue to love it. Why? I guess its because of the content that the developers continue to deliver each month. Just like this month of Love. EA has again surprised its fans with a new content update to bring back love in the air for your sims. Yup. While you may be single on that special day, you don’t have to worry because EA will accompany you with their new sims freeplay update. And its just not some ordinary update, but its also French Style.

Famous character game, the SIMS freeplay is a mobile version (Android, iPhone) of SIMS 3 for pc. In this game, it is possible to create entire cities as well as the characters, their physical appearances as well as their different social aspirations. Inspired by everyday life, it is possible to build your houses, to have friends, to fall in love and to found a family as you see fit. Real life simulator, you will also be able to build your dream house, to flirt with the most beautiful girls in the city or to take care of the adorable animals of the city. The more sims you have the more opportunities to expand and expand your city. The sims freeplay is played in real time so you are going to constantly need to be connected to the server via an internet connection to play. In addition, the game itself has some bugs and demands a lot of resources from your phone to be able to take charge of its spectacular graphics. As another defect in this game, one can note the fact that the player must pay in real money of the PMV that can subsequently convert it into money of the game. In the end, the game the sims freeplay is a very attractive game which you Will offer hours and days of intense entertainment.

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